A little about me:

I am a videographer, writer, and editor. My award-winning documentaries, animations, and music videos have been screened in festivals across the country.

I have shot hours of footage for national media outlets (like C-SPAN, Fox News, Harpo Productions, MSNBC, and more) and worked as an independent videographer for 15 years.

A lot of video and editing work I do is for higher education, and state, national, and local news coverage.

While running camera and sound, I interviewed U.S. senators (like Joe Biden, John McCain, and more), experts in higher ed (like former University of Iowa president David Skorton), diversity and anti-racism experts (like Tim Wise and Jane Elliott), and scientists and environmental experts (like NASA global warming expert Dr. James Hansen).

I love listening to people's ideas and stories then illustrating them with b-roll, animations, and graphics.

Guatemala 2017