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Kao Kali Yang
is the author of
The Latehomecomer

Thank you, adam. you did a marvelous job!!!!
I'm so honored to have been interviewed and taped
and posted on youtube by you!!! Thank you so much.


Lou is the president and CEO of Ecolotree.

I'm impressed with your work and how fast you put that in your newspaper.

I'm big into the concept of:

First you do it
Then you do it well
Then you do it fast

I do appreciate how fast you put that You Tube together and how it did catch my essence.


Violetta was interviewed at a
campaign event for
Senator Chris Dodd in Davenport.

You did a great job editing. Thanks, because I'll use that to show potential employers how I look and speak! Thanks, and keep up the good work.


Jason took part in an
Iraq Veterans Against the War
event in Iowa City.

Those are great. You did a really good job, thank you.

Rest assured that I'll be making sure as many people as humanly possible read/watch these.

Thanks again so much,


Andrew works for
the Sierra Club of Iowa.

Thanks for your help - this is a great piece, very comprehensive. Also, wanted to thank you for the interview at the December event, you did a great job with it, very smoothly edited.


Karen, an uncommitted delegate
in her Coralville caucus precinct,
wore a wireless mic during the
2008 Johnson County Convention
to demonstrate the convention
delegate process.

Thank you, Adam. I had a blast! And you did a great job with the videos.


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